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2013 Ford Police Interceptor "Alaska State Troopers" Skin

by ReadTheRules1


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-05-25 09:02:43 -0700

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Download Link:1369497763_alaska_state_troopers_skin.rar

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Alaska State Troopers skin for Cj24's 2013 Ford Police Interceptor. Download link for the cars in the .rar! Credits AST skin by ReadTheRules1 Screenshots by Carrythxd 2013 Ford Police Interceptor by Cj24 Credits for the car: Model created by EA Games, converted to GTA IV by NIK161RUS, further modified to 2013 model by EVI. Rims created by UBISOFT and centercap by EVI. Hood, front bumper and headlights created by EVI. Rear bumper edited by EVI. Trunk, tailights, indicators and reverse lights by Humster3d, edited by EVI. Whelen Inner EDGE made by Ridgerunner. Rambar modeled by Ridgerunner, converted and modified for Taurus by Cj24. Toughbook, Antennas, Cameras and Radars modeled by Ridgerunner, textured by Cj24. Spotlight and other emergency lights by Cj24. Liveries made by JokerMods