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2012 Fiat Punto Evo Sport [RIV] 'Abarth' 3 PJs

by kizacudo


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-04-08 13:47:27 -0700

Replaces:Futo or any other 2 door car

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I used this car for a long time, and I waited for someone to make any livery for it but without any success. So, I decided to make 3 three PJ-s and the most appropriate themes were Abarth imaginary liveries. They are all based on real Abarth Logo and Stripes. You can choose between two versions of .wtd files, Fiat and Abarth (Only signs are replaced) and I hope that a little more Punto variations won't harm anybody. 1. Empty 2. Black Top with Stripes 3. Black Stripes with Chequered flag 4. Red Stripes with Logo (carcols.dat) Original car link: Car and screen shots are included in archive but i recommend you to download original for keeps and for detailed, more informations. RIV settings are also included (for Futo). Original car replaces Blista, but I often use it as Futo. Handling is boosted a little because this is real sports car.