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2007 Honda Civic Type-R 'Two-Tone' 4 PJ-s

by kizacudo


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2015-04-08 07:32:27 -0700

Replaces:fortune or any other 2 door car

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I did a long time ago a two tone livery set for FN2 version, but the better car version, in my opinion, had no liveries till now. So, I decided to make 4 four different but similar to previous FN2 two-tone liveries, because I use this car a lot and a little more variations won't harm anybody. 1. Black Roof 2. Black Top with Stripes 3. Black Low Body and Roof 4. Tribal Half Black (carcols.dat) Original car link: Car and screen shots are included in archive but i recommend you to download original for keeps and for detailed, more informations. Original car replaces SultanRS, but I often use it as fortune. It's better looking then FN2 version, for me, with better driving camera position.