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2003 Ford Crown Victoria Texture *SHERIFF*

by RellexGraphix


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Added:2013-05-29 12:55:25 -0700


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Hello gta 4 mods this is my new 2003 Ford Crown Victoria Paintjob it's a really nice slick design i'm really happy with it enjoy! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE TO SEE THE CAR+SKIN ALSO IN THE VIDEO THE 2003 Ford Crown Victoria HANDLING WAS WRONG THATS WHY ITS REALLY HIGH WHEELS. CREDITS: CREDITS - Model is Ford Crown Victoria from Driver SF, converted to GTA IV by F5544, modified by KevinDV and Cj24. - Rims by Bxbugs123, Textures by Lt.Caine. - Honeycomb Grill made by KevinDV. - Laptop and Divider by Lt.Caine. - Spotlights made by Cj24. - Whelen Liberty Model by PFCBarefoot. - Go Rhino Rambar Model by Bxbugs123 - Other Extra Lights by Boatinman. - Liveries by RellexGraphix You can download the car model here and then just go into sparkiv and add the paint jobs! thanks And then just add my car texture and there u go! -Rellex Skins