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1980s Caprice & Ford LTD CV_LAPD

by S_a_m_e_e_r


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Added:2015-08-22 02:37:49 -0700

Replaces:police & police2

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/// CODE3CUSTOMZ /// Overview 1988 Chevrolet Caprice & 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria [LAPD/ LA County/ CA state compatible.] Version: 2.5 Lightbar: FEDERAL SIGNAL AERODYNIC (ELS V8.5 DROT) (California State Spec) Optimized for: POLICE CRUISER & PATROL ONLY. ------------------------------------------- Installation -Use Open IV to replace the corresponding files within vehicles.img with the .wft and .wtd files provided in this package -If the model supports multiple liveries, open the vehicles.ide file in your Grand Theft Auto IV\common\data folder, find the line beginning with the name of the model, and at the end of that line add +livery. -Place the ELS config files in your GTA IV directory/ELS folder and make sure to add their names to the SLOTCONTROL.ini list under police and police2 resp. ------------------------------------------- Notes -This vehicle is ELS V8.5 enabled and requires the Emergency Lighting System Version 8.5 to work correctly. -This vehicle is optimized to use the DEFAULT POLICE Handling Line. -This modification is meant for gaming purposes only. -This modification is released on LCPDFR.COM, GTA-MOD-CENTER.COM, GTA 4-MODS.COM. REDISTRIBUTION on any other websites STRICTLY PROHIBITED -For BEST ELS Lighting effect use the settings.ini file provided ------------------------------------------- Credits & Acknowledgements -1988 Caprice and 1987 LTD and its textures by CARFACE. Further edits and modifications to its current state by SAMEER. New TEMPLATE by SAMEER. -FS Aerodynic NON ELS by KevinDV. Further edited and modified to ELS DROT by SAMEER. Roof spot lights by bigfoot for GTA:SA. -HQ LAPD textures courtesy of STRIKE. DARE sticker by STRIKE. Release screenshots by STRIKE. -Caprice hubcaps by UBISOFT REFLECTIONS for DSF. Converted to IV by SAMEER. LTD Hubcaps by SAMEER. RAMBAR by 05Bowtie for SA, converted to IV by SAMEER. -Trunk equipment and rear Antenna by 05 Bowtie for SA. Road cones by VERTEX3D. -Radio Scanner by UBISOFT for DSF. Converted to IV by SAMEER. MDT by Bigfoot for SA. -Whelen Box and flashlight made from scratch by sheriff Van Dyck. Modified to be a Touchmaster by Moneybags. -Shotgun by BxBugs123. Clipboard by Rockstar Games. -Special thanks to STRIKE for BETA testing and providing valuable inputs/suggestions for the improvement of the models. ------------------------------------------- Terms If you wish to modify the content of this package with the intent of distribution, authorization of the author is required. This product is freeware and may not be exploited for personal, financial or commercial gain. The product is provided without any form of warranty. Therefore, responsibility for any damages caused by this product or its misuse rest solely with the user, as the author(s) will accept no liability. You may redistribute this product unless instructed otherwise above as long as the following condition(s) are met: The contents of the archive file containing this file and the product must not be modified or tampered with; this file must remain in its original state and must not be modified in any way; this file must be alongside the product it is assigned to at all times when being distributed; all proper credits clearly are given. © RESPECTIVE OWNERS.